What we do:
  • We develop analytical summary applications (Executive Dashboard) on BI platforms;
  • Develop applications with cloud BigData — to be able to identify the problems of a company. For example, flight delays, etc;
  • Develop application to track the work of the pilots, the efficiency of the flights, to analyze a network of the routes;

What you get:
  • Easy access to passenger data processing system;
  • Operative system of notification about unforeseen situations in the airport and on board the aircraft;
  • Control over the movement of passengers in the terminal;
  • Managing the schedule and daily flight plan;

Healthcare and pharmacies:

What we do:
Create apps that
  • analyze primary and secondary sales;
  • calculate the costs by regions and sales channels;
  • enable you to know the condition of the warehouses and how exactly the goods move;
  • enable you to know the condition of the warehouses and how exactly the goods move;
  • monitor your customers’ loyalty;

What you get:
  • Compiling reports takes less time, because all data is already automatically collected;
  • You control work of the staff;
  • Production costs are reduced;


What we do:
  • Implement BI to enable you to analyze checkbook statistics of an entire company;
  • Customize clients’ base;
  • Expand the system of online sales;
  • Introduced systems of automatic payments;

What you get:
  • Revenue increases, an increased customer loyalty;
  • You clearly understand the behavior of your customers;
  • Now you can develop targeted marketing campaigns based on the results of the analysis;

Financial sector:

What we do:
  • Expand control and management systems for analytics and statistics;
  • Introduce systems of automatic payments;

What you get:
  • The flow of target customers increases;
  • You receive a real-time information about the efficiency of the company;
  • Time for labor costs is reduced by means of automating the process;

Public authorities:

What we do:
  • Introduce electronic portals for open data;
  • Implement an information system that manages municipal and state property in an automated way;

What you get:
  • Full control of the work;


What we do:
  • UX / UI design;
  • prototyping;
  • development of design systems;
  • redesign;
  • digital-service, including the development, updating and maintenance of sites;
  • promotion, including search engine optimization, SMM, contextual advertising;

What you get:
  • individual and catchy corporate identity;
  • sales increase;
  • the increase in organic traffic both on the site and in social networks;

Online stores:

What we do:
  • integrate databases of products with an e-mail service;
  • the service automatically informs potential customers about new products;

What you get:
  • sales volume increases by 20%;
  • customers’ loyalty;


What we do:
  • integrate databases with web-stores;
  • prepare updated newsletters about new products;

What you get:
  • sales volume increases by 25%;

What we do:
  • develop mobile application for iOS/Android;

What you get:
  • the quality of service increases;
  • client just downloads the app to learn about all the services and offers of the company;
  • you can quickly update the information;

What we do:
  • create a mobile version of the website;

What you get:
  • more frequent visits to the website;
  • customers can easily view all the latest information from the screen of their smartphone;
  • company’s content is easy to access;
  • enhanced quality of service;

What we do:
  • integrate databases with web-stores;
  • synchronize the internal products database with the database of the online store;
  • create newsletter services;

What you get:
  • sales grow
  • information’s always up to date, automatically updated;
  • you quickly inform customers about new promotions;
  • the client receives notifications about purchase/delivery/cancellation orders;

What we do:
  • design the UI so you can manage information of the enterprise;
  • create a data store;

What you get:
  • your data is stored in one place (virtually);
  • you always have access to the data;
  • the data is easy to update; the history of changes is convenient to follow;
  • the data is well protected;

What we do:
  • develop a complete set of management reporting: developing a user interface, charts, graphs, etc;

What you get:
  • a visual representation of the work performed;
  • you can more accurately calculate a future strategy;